Kamica King


"Awesome voice and very talented. Her voice just melted my soul and it really touched me. Music choice and selection was on point."
-Dwight J.


Kamica King’s presentation to our Student Life staff at TWU was such an inspiring way to kick off the fall semester! She skillfully interwove messages about the importance of persistence, resiliency and self-knowledge with beautiful music and inspiring lyrics. She is a talented musician with a unique ability to touch the heart and stimulate the mind. We plan to have her back!
- Stephanie Brown, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of Student Enrichment Health and Support
Texas Woman’s University

Having Kamica come speak to the students of the Southwestern Region of AMTA was a treat. As a speaker, her calm and warm demeanor attests to her familiarity with the subject matter. Her presentation was engaging and informative and it was clear that audience members felt comfortable enough to share their own experiences. As our first guest speaker, Kamica established a high standard.

- Kevin Bock, President, Southwestern Region of American Music Therapy Association Students 

"Kamica's presentation on songwriting in music therapy was the highlight of the weekend’s educational offerings and was a perfect way to close our time together.  Our students and faculty were fully engaged throughout herr presentation, both because of its content and her presentation style, and months later, they are still talking about our “Taco Song”!  Kamica has a special gift for inspiring this next generation of music therapists while giving them practical tools that they can immediately apply." 

- Karen Miller, MM, MT-BC, Director of Music Therapy, Sam Houston State University

"Kamica has such a welcoming and inviting presence when she speaks, and you could feel the connection she was able to make with the students. She has some really valuable experience and insight to offer, and I feel the students really benefitted from her discussion about diversity and representation within our field and within our clients. She is always a pleasure to watch!"

-Marcus Hughes, MM, MT-BC, LMT, Student Affairs Advisor, Southwestern Region of American Music Therapy Association  

Kamica was a perfect presenter for our Student Life workshop.  She was able to share her expertise in working with resilience and she used her experience to provide both an informational and inspirational workshop.

Monica Mendez Grant, PhD, Vice President, Student Life, Texas Woman’s University

Music Therapy 
(names redacted for purposes of confidentiality)

“[Kamica has] crafted an important relationship with these people that’s been instrumental in their recovery from homelessness,” Woody says. “Music therapy is just another important component to the services that we offer to folks. With many folks, it can tap into getting them through the recovery."

- David Woody, PhD, President & CEO, The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center 

"It was magnificent. My spirit was radiating while I was listening to the music. The music, her playing guitar, and the singing, the poems, the drawing, it was awesome."

"When I come, I get peace of mind. It turns a stressful day into a good day. It makes my being here more relaxing. I always look forward to coming to music therapy." 

"Kamica's attention to detail, and both music and therapy put a real boost in [our] day here...this therapy was very helpful."

"Kamica is so helpful and open. Her openness and sweet spirit leads me to feel safe to open up and share my fears and feelings. She is just amazing at what she does- much more than music therapy." 

"Ms. King truly has a heart for the work that she does, and you can feel it in every song that she plays. She is what music therapy is about." 

"She is blessed with an exceptional gift, not only as a musician, but more important, a true caregiver. So caring and genuine!"

"I come to release a lot of stress. Music is good for the soul. Once I hear it, it helps me heal the pain inside and helps me bear it, and escape. It soothes the soul" 

"Ms. King was simply amazing. The professionalism that she has was welcoming. Her voice and her open-mindedness really set the tone. I could really listen all day. Very helpful. Will see her again."

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